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In 1936, our grandfather saw the need for well-thought-out and functional furniture. Since then, we’ve been manufacturing our furniture here in the small Swedish mill town of Horred. Horreds is a swedish design brand who evolves designs, space- and function solutions for the work place.

We take pride in high knowledge and craftsmanship as well as in our partnerships with furniture designers and interior architects. Together, we create designs that synergises with its surroundings, brings added edge, and blends readily with future updates.

// Per-Ola Johansson

Horreds agenda 2030



Deep down, we all know that sustainability is the only way for ourselves and coming generations. We’re moving away from the consumer society and turning our sights inwards, towards a lifestyle that’s more about making the most of things. Crafts that are made to last, products that don’t break, and don’t break our planet. And with an outstanding finish that makes it possible for our furniture to withstand being moved and placed in new settings over and over again. We strive to withstand the rebel companys needs. We have a mission of creating furniture made to last and serve a life-long purpose.

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#1: Handsfree-kontoret

More and more people are now releasing the pause button, adapting as quickly as possible to a new reality. What will the post-Covid-19 office space look like? In three articles we share insights from our own trend analysis. First, a lot is about reducing the risks of infection spreading.

Form follows fear
Consequent to the pandemic and spread of infection, we have antibacterial brass doors, wide boulevards, and extremely well-ventilated buildings.

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Fredrik Mattson : Nomono Duo



Our furnitures are built to last a lifteime and even more. We use only green electricity from the river Viskan that runs through Horred. The wood waste we get from our factory is reused as energy in our district heating station that heats school, geriatric care, care center, apartments and villas in our village Horred.

Our design furniture are made to make a strong impression but have minimum impact on our natural environment. As a company we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and most of our products carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Möbelfakta label. Our CSR filosophy is built on giving back to nature. We are also proud of 97% delivery accuracy. Together with Almi, swedish business developement, we have created an action plan where we constantly develop towards sustainable goals in Agenda 2030.

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Horreds agenda 2030

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